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Whoa, I'm 18...

OK, I don't think anyone comes on here anymore, but I feel like starting it again. My 18th birthday was a few days ago. It was fun...Hope came over friday night, and stayed over. Saturday morning, she left, and then later Chrystina came over. We went to the bonfire that my grandparents threw. It was really boring, and sucked. We took Cody on a walk through these scary woods when it started to get dark, and I was teriffied. When we got back to my house, we paid a visit to Weedsville. That was a fun trip. Lmao. Then on sunday, my mom left, and we paid another visit to Weedsville. More fun. Then she left. And I was boreddddd. And I still am. Bleh. I have 170 dollars so far from family for my birthday. I'm gonna sell my i-pod on ebay and then i'll have around 300 dollars, and I can get an i-pod touch!!! I can't wait! It's been almost exactly a year since I've written in here. I would write about everything that happened, but that would take 10 years. OK, welllll... I'm gonna go eat. :)


yeah, i'm really bored.... i made one of these because i haven't been on livejournal in over a year and they deleted my old account for some reason. : ( i slept til 4:30 today, which is the longest i've slept in a long time. lately i've been getting up around 10 AM. it's probably because i was up reading the half-blood prince til like 4 AM. i really wish they hadn't deleted my old livejournal where i actually had people to read my entries. ughhhhhhhh. stupid fucks. and then on top of that, while i was making this account i typed this really long about me section and added alot of things into my interests and right when i clicked save and continue, it just deleted everything. what the fuck? i think i might go read some more. it's the only thing that keeps me entertained lately. even as i'm writing this, i'm really bored and distracted by other things that i want to do. ok so yeah bye.

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